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meta mate UK 23

MM 23 Fresh

Meta Mate‘s organic certified, fresh Yerba Mate from Brazil has a mild taste with a subtle bitterness to it.

It has the fresh green colour of a powdery Brazilian Mate (or chimarrão) and the leafy cut typical of Argentinian Mates. This results in a Mate which is easy to prepare and will not clog in a bombilla, perfect for beginners!

23 Fresh Mate is vacuum packed while still fresh. If you’re used to Mates which have been stored for long periods of time, you really will notice the difference. Its brilliant freshness, in colour, aroma and flavour, brings the Mate drinker right back to the forests of Brazil. This is a Meta Mate UK staple!


MM 42 Roasted

Meta Mate‘s organic certified Mate from Brazil is roasted in a similar manner to coffee. This results in a dark brown Mate with a distinctive malty, nutty flavour.

42 Roasted Mate is perfect for those looking for an alternative to coffee. You can prepare it in a french press, or even in a filter coffee machine. If doing so, we recommend you grind the leafy cut Mate in a coffee grinder first. You can drink it black or add milk and/or sugar to taste. You can even drink it iced. Perfect for a hot summer’s day!

42 Roasted Mate is certified organic by EcoCert, recognised by both the EU and USDA.

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Meta Mate UK 42
Yuyo Pure yerba


Yuyo – a Latin American term for wild plant or untamed interloper, was set up by Rosie and Charles, a hispanist and biochemist who went in search of adventure across South America. Rosie and Charles threw themselves into the sights, sounds and smells of Latin life, from the heady Caribbean coast of Panama all the way to Paraguay, where they sampled their first gourd of Mate. This South American super herb became a part of their world as they exchanged stories over Mate with new friends they encountered on their journey.

The Yuyo brand is now owned by Meta Mate, who source the Mate used for the blends.

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MM Raw

This Raw Mate is truly a unique product. It has some of the highest nutritional content you will find in any Mate, and its smooth, earthy flavour is hard to beat. This is a Meta Mate UK favourite!

The leaves used in this Mate are picked by hand from trees grown in protected forests. This causes no damage to the trees and ensures sustainable Yerba Mate production. Uniquely among other Mates, Raw Mate’s drying process uses very low temperatures (no higher than 45°C). This results in a gentle flavour with absolutely no bitterness, and conserves the high level of vitamins and minerals found in Mate tea.

Meta Mate UK Raw


Mate is a herbal infusion made of the harvested leaves of an evergreen plant calledIlex paraguariensis, native to South America. It has been consumed there for centuries and is still very popular in Argentina, South of Brazil (where mate is known as chimarrão), parts of Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. It grows in regions of extreme natural beauty, with a humid climate and rich soils.

The Meta Difference

Fresh and Wild hand made Mate harvested in season

Sustainable Industrial alternatives

Transparent Origins and Open Source Philosophy

Mate industry

The Mate Industry

There’s no shying away from some big problems within the Mate industry. “I like Mate without child labor” is a documentary produced by the media company Posibl. and recently...

Raw mate

Raw Mate

Meta Mate Raw contains all the original nutrients of the living leaf. It is a raw dehydrated product which you can rehydrate if you let it sit in a cup of water for a few minutes. You can consume as an infusion, blend it into smoothies, or use it in other recipes.

Yerba Mate Sports drink

Soluble Mate

Cristiane Manfé Pagliosa, who is currently doing her PhD in the area of Lipids, antioxidants and atherosclerosis in the Department of Food Science at UFSC, Brazil was motivated to create a natural mate energy drink ...

Yerba mate words


Mate tea, Yerba mate, erva?? In short, none of the above!  Ilex paraguariensis is actually a tree. It’s not an herb (Yerba in Spanish) and it has nothing to do with the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis).