Mate in the Metro

Mate has had some good press recently. It appeared in an article in the Guardian not that long ago where England defender Eric Dier boasted its benefits –

Here’s another great example of Mate in recent press:

OK…it’s more than a year old, but I just came across it now. Again, the issue of what to call it crops up (‘yerba mate tea’ in the title being some sort of hybrid form of all its names). Here, we just call it Mate. Simple.

One thing to add to this article would be to mention that Mate comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes! It can taste very bitter, but doesn’t necessarily. An aged Mate will be very bitter, but it can also be fresh and green like Meta Mate Raw. The caffeine content can vary greatly also, depending on how it was cultivated and stored. It comes in more powdery forms as well as the more well-known leafy cut.

What I am trying to say is, if you try Mate, try lots of different kinds to find the one you like. Personally, I get a much better buzz from drinking Mate than I do coffee. And I don’t like the smoky tasting Mates as much as other fresher ones. But to be honest, I’ll drink any Mate that comes my way.