Soluble Mate



Soluble Raw Mate to enhance high energy performance.

Mate’s sustainable energy is no secret for those who train in vigorous sports activities.  From Football players to Olympic Gymnasts, a number of athletes attest to the natural energizing effects from drinking Mate.

Cristiane Manfé Pagliosa, who is currently doing her PhD in the area of Lipids, antioxidants and atherosclerosis in the Department of Food Science at UFSC, Brazil was motivated to create a natural mate energy drink out of personal frustrations of not being able to find a healthy energiser to complement her husband’s Triathlon training

She selected Meta Mate Raw as a base for her product due to its high mineral content that is preserved from the low temperature drying.  Although this mate is low in caffeine, drinkers of Meta Mate Raw experience a natural stimulating effect due to the high mineral, calcium, potassium and magnesium levels.

As it does not come into any contact with heat, this Mate is ideal for those interested in the health benefits of Mate and its mild taste makes it appropriate for new mate drinkers to enjoy either as a cold (teréré) infusion or as a tea.

In order to make the drink appropriate and practical for athletes, Manfé spray dried the Mate in order to make it soluble and added Raw Cane Sugar and Tapioca starch to the product to ensure a carbohydrate content. This resulted in a sweet, well balanced drink that provides a clean energy for athletes.  This soluble mate is most effective when dissolved with cold water and consumed before vigorous training.


Manfe’s partner, Mauro, who is currently training for the Triathalon energises his physical regime with this Raw Mate Extract, it enables him to do the following:

Monday: swimming (3km) and running (12km)

Tuesday: Cycling (70km)

Wednesday: swimming (3km) and running (12km)

Thursday: Cycling (80 km)

Friday: swimming (3km)

Saturday: swimming (1.5 km) ,Cycling. (40 km) and running (10 km)

Sunday:  rest

During these activities Mauro drinks this Mate Sports drink and remarks that it slows down the feeling of tiredness and the onset of muscular pains, as well as prevents the onset of cramps.

When one is dehydrated there is an intense feeling of fatigue which makes it impossible to complete a workout, however, drinking the Meta Mate Raw Extract prevents this from occurring and contributes towards keeping his body performance at the highest levels for training and competitions. The flavour is also very pleasant while in the midst of physical exertion, as this mate does not leave aggressive residues in the mouth.

This product will be launched on the market in the coming months. In the meantime, we encourage you to try Meta Mate Raw.

ATTENTION: This product is currently in development.  It is targeted towards athletes and can be mixed with water before, during or after training for rehydration. We are looking for individuals who are interested in testing it out and sharing their experiences.

Ingredients:  Raw Cane Sugar, Tapioca Starch and Raw Mate. Contains the natural flavour and aroma of Mate, free of added colours and preservatives. Gluten and Lactose Free.

Indications:   Recommended to boost endurance during sports training sessions that exceed one hour.  The combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and our fresh Raw Mate make this an ideal natural energy drink for strenuous activities. Unlike traditional Mate, our soluble Mate has a sweet mild taste and is rapidly absorbed into the body.

This soluble Mate is a novelty that Meta Mate is bringing on the market. It has a gentle, smooth flavour and was created for those looking to optimise endurance when training or exerting themselves physically.

Unlike other energy drinks on the market, Meta Mate Sport is free from additives and chemicals.  It was created for athletes who are searching for a healthier, natural booster.

Containing a balanced mixture of carbohydrates (to assist the absorption of minerals necessary for hydrating) and the mineral-rich Meta Mate Raw with its gentle flavour.